It was 1894 when Johnson & Johnson launched a line of new baby products. Ever since then, new parents started using J&J’s talcum powder for babies. However, between 2006 and 2009, there were lawsuits against the product. 

The claim indicated that the company’s talc powder contained crushed talc, which is found with asbestos on the planet. Moreover, the contamination of asbestos in these products may have potential cancer risks.

So, if you are here to know further about talcum powder lawsuits, welcome to this post. Here, you will learn everything about it.

Talcum Powder and Dangers Associated with It

When J&J introduced talc products, the intention was solely on babies and young mothers. The company aimed to offer a product that could absorb moisture and minimize friction in genital or sensitive body areas.

So, talcum powder was introduced to reduce skin rashes, dryness, and allergies. For various years, the lineup of talc products gained immense prominence among parents. However, after getting numerous claims, Johnson & Johnson announced that the talc subsidiary was filing for bankruptcy protection. The announcement was made in October 2021. 

Earlier, the company had to set aside around $4 billion to cover lawsuits that claim its baby powder causes cancer. Scientifically, both talc and asbestos are the naturally-occurring minerals. When talc is mined, it also contains asbestos. 

No doubt, talc is used in manufacturing cosmetic products, such as baby powder and makeup. However, asbestos is a known carcinogen that can cause serious health issues.

Since asbestos is present in talc-containing cosmetic products, it may lead to various health risks, including cancer. 

As per research, there’s no such consistent connection between asbestos and talc products. However, any talc-containing products contain asbestos, which may raise health concerns.

The Connection between Talcum Powder and Cancer – Things to Note

Talcum powder can cause various types of cancers, like cervical cancer, lung cancer, and more. However, the primary cancer types involved in MDL-2738 are mesothelioma and ovarian cancer. 

Women who earlier used the powder on their undergarments and genital areas had higher risks of developing ovarian cancer. Excessive use of the powder can also result in pleural mesothelioma. A majority of mesothelioma occurs in the lining of the chest cavity and lungs, referred to as pleura. 

It’s the prime reason why asbestos-linked mesothelioma is known as pleural malignant mesothelioma. Individuals who used the powder breathed in asbestos fibers. It might spread in the lung tissues and result in irritation. This might lead to malignant growth, which may occur after several years of usage.

Maximum pleural mesothelioma occurs in people who work with exposure to asbestos or products that contain asbestos. However, reports suggest that cosmetic talcum powder products may also result in mesothelioma.

Eligibility Criteria for Filing a Talc Powder Lawsuit: Who Can File the Case?

People who have used talc powder for various years, which resulted in malignant growth, may be eligible for filing a lawsuit. However, it isn’t solely limited to people who are directly affected by the issues. Individuals who are connected to the impact of the powder may also hire a lawyer to get deserving compensation. 

People Who Used the Product for Several Years

People who have used the product for various years and developed mesothelioma or ovarian cancer are eligible to file the case. The applicant must show evidence of using the products for four to five years minimum. 

A Family Member

In certain cases, the excessive use of talcum powder may result in wrongful death. The deceased’s family member can file the claim in case the loved one died due to cancer developed by talc powder. The lawsuits may help family members recover damages for medical costs, emotional distress, funeral expenses, and loss of income (in case the individual was the breadwinner of the family).

Manager of the Company

If the deceased individual was a trustworthy and significant member of an organization, the company manager can also file a case against the talcum powder. The administrator or executor of the estate might file the lawsuit on the deceased’s behalf.

You can only qualify for a talcum powder lawsuit by providing the details of the usage. The evidence must include these documents:

  • Medical records
  • Expert testimonies
  • Product purchasing records

The claim should be filed within the statute of limitations that might vary from one state to another. 

Book an Appointment with a Mass Tort Attorney to File Your Talc Powder Lawsuit

Filing a case against J&J’s talcum powder products (or any other brand) is a complicated step. As a beginner, you may not understand how to proceed further confidently. With a lawyer by your side, you can get guided services. A mass tort cases attorney ensures that you have the right documents and support for filing the claim. 

Since various claims have been submitted indicating medical injury due to the same product, it’s safer to consider mass tort litigation. Unlike a class action, each person pursues the case separately. So, get connected to a legal expert to fight for justice.