Patients suffering from osteoarthritis or other knee injury/ailment may experience physical and emotional changes in life. Doctors might recommend the Exactech knee replacement kit to reduce their suffering. But going by the recent reports, exactech lawsuits have increased at lightning speed.

Over 1,090 pending lawsuits are there as of January 2024 in the multidistrict litigation before the U.S. District Court for New York’s Eastern District. Patients who suffer from the consequences of this medical device may be eligible to file the exactech lawsuit. Here’s more to learn from the frequently asked questions about the lawsuit.

What Should The Patient Know about Exactech?

Exactech is a medical device company. It manufactures implantable joint replacement kits. Lately, the company has experienced various lawsuits based on its products manufactured in the present years. The company has acknowledged safety concerns with medical devices in many cases. It has issued recalls affecting various patients worldwide.

Someone who has received implantable medical devices from this company may find out whether the device has been recalled. You might be entitled to an instant revision surgery if the device is recalled. If the surgery is not required for the time being, it might be needed in the future. So, issues considering the device might put you or your loved one at risk. Thus, connecting to a proficient attorney is pivotal to understanding the case briefly.

What Should a Patient Do After the Impact?

Have you undergone an Exactech hip or knee replacement? Or was it a Connexion GXL hip liner? In any of these circumstances, you may qualify to file a lawsuit. So, you must consult a doctor to track premature bone loss or early wear.

You might pursue the lawsuit or file it through Exactech. Once you plan to pursue the lawsuit, you should have your initial consultation with a solicitor. Maximum law firms provide free case reviews for product liability cases. So, you need to find a reputable firm in the first place.

What Do You Mean by the Exactech Lawsuits?

Exactech lawsuits are product liability claims. These claims ask the company to pay compensation to the people injured by using the defective implants. 2021 and 2022 witnessed the recall of Exactech for its ankle polyethyne and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene knee inserts. The company recalled it because the packaging was not per the specifications. These inserts were used for truliant knee, optetrak knee and vantage ankle devices used these inserts.

June 2021 witnessed the time when Exactech recalled GXL liners in various implants because of their premature wear. That did not come with a valid reason from the company’s end. August 2022 was the time when the company expanded the original recall and included all devices with plastic elements in defective bags.

Who’s the Right Candidate for Exactech Lawsuit?

Have you received the Exactech ankle or knee replacement recall? If yes, you might be an eligible candidate to file the recall lawsuit to get deserving compensation. During this time, working with an attorney is the best decision. However, your solicitor may have additional eligibility criteria to take up the case based on your revision or initial surgery.

A patient undergoing over one revision surgery before getting the implant might not be an eligible candidate. But when the attorney confirms your eligibility, you must schedule an appointment with the lawyer. That way, you can protect your rights to file the claim.

How are Exactech Claims Different from NEC Lawsuits?

Unlike NEC lawsuits, where the patients claim against infant formulas, Exactech lawsuits are all the company’s fault for manufacturing the replacement products.

An NEC lawyer assesses the case associated with baby formulas derived from cow’s milk. These lawsuits usually revolve around claims against Similac and Enfamil (the two most popular baby formulas). NEC lawsuit claims that the baby develops NEC or necrotizing enterocolitis after consuming the baby formula.

This disease may have potential health risks that may result in intestinal damage or fatal death. One may qualify for this lawsuit if the baby was born premature. The infant should have consumed a bovine milk-based formula that resulted in NEC.

On the other hand, exactech lawyers handle the recalled medical device cases. These solicitors fight for justice against exactech medical devices. These lawsuits are consolidated in the multidistrict litigation. Thus, one must hire an attorney from a national firm with the required resources and experience in MDLs.


A malfunctioning Exactech implant may result in boss loss, accumulation of dirt, structural degradation, restricted movements, and grinding noises. Some patients also required revision surgeries. In any of these cases, you may consult a solicitor to receive deserving compensation.