In ancient times, new mothers had to depend heavily on their health to feed their preemies. There weren’t options like baby or preemie formula. But as science advanced, so did the healthcare industry. The very first baby formula appeared in 1846 with an attempt to take care of preemies. 

Indeed, caring for your preemie might be pretty intimidating because it’s quite different from that of a full-term baby. Besides taking care of oneself, a mother must always keep an eye on her premature baby. Amidst every effort to ensure good health, baby formulas help offer that preemie the required amount of nutrients.

But going by the latest reports, the NEC condition has become an emerging health concern for preemies. It’s a serious condition where a premature infant experiences severe gastrointestinal issues.

The worst part is that big companies are involved in the case. Parents have filed lawsuits against eminent baby formula companies due to the health conditions their premature infants suffer. Here’s everything to learn about NEC lawsuits. Is it the right time to hire an NEC lawyer? Let’s find the answer from the following points.

An Overview of NEC – How Are Baby Formulas Responsible for the Condition?

NEC is a leading health concern and has affected approximately 480,000 premature infants in the US. Also referred to as Necrotizing Enterocolitis, NEC has become a growing health concern for premature infants.

Reports suggest health concerns resulting from consuming baby formulas like Similac and Enfamil products. These formulas contain ingredients that may increase the risk of developing NEC in infants.

Latest News Considering NEC Baby Formula Lawsuit

There are no global settlements or jury verdicts in MDL number 3026. The first NEC test trials started after it was discovered in 2022. Caregivers and parents of preterm infants can file for the NEC baby formula lawsuit. The baby should have consumed the formula either in the hospital or been recommended to buy the product by a doctor. 

Manufacturers Abbott Laboratories and Mead Johnson claim that they were not aware of the connection between their baby formula and NEC. However, as of February this year, around 389 active baby formula lawsuits against NEC are pending in Illinois under District Judge Rebecca R. Pallmeyer in the US. Around 454 baby formula lawsuits are filed in the MDL.

What Parents Should Learn about Filing NEC Lawsuits?

Similac and Enfamil preemie formulas have a link with NEC in preemie infants. If your kid has developed NEC due to baby formula consumption, you have all the right to file the case. You need to take legal action with the help of a lawyer. 

Note that some babies can survive NEC, but they might not recover completely. As a result, they live their whole lives with chronic health issues such as short bowel syndrome or cognitive impairment. So, if your baby was diagnosed with NEC, chances are high that it developed due to the consumption of baby formulas. You can file the case under legal guidance provided by an attorney shortly. 

What Should You Learn about Filing the Baby Formula Lawsuit?

Winning the lawsuit against reputable companies might seem challenging. So, amidst your complex journey, an experienced mass tort attorney comes to your rescue. A reliable solicitor can review the case by meticulously collecting the proper documents. If you plan to file the baby formula case, here are the things to keep in mind:

Collect the Required Documents

The most crucial step before filing the NEC case is to collect the documents. Your documents can build a strong case. So, ensure that you have all the details, including the following ones:

  • Relevant medical records
  • Receipts by the pharmaceutical shop
  • Product packaging
  • NEC diagnosis report
  • Other details reported by healthcare providers regarding the medical condition

Find a Lawyer

Remember, prompt action is another consideration that you must keep in mind. Delays in the filing might result in further legal complexities. So, get in touch with an attorney and avoid delays. You need to understand the compliance with deadlines. So, appoint an NEC solicitor to guide you through each step.

Consult one of the reputable Mass Tort cases lawyers with experience and expertise in baby formula lawsuits. The legal practitioner helps you understand the details of the case more promptly. The professional also evaluates your eligibility for deserving compensation.

Final Words

Premature babies who consume baby formulas are at a higher risk of developing NEC. So, if your kid has been fed with preemie formulas, it’s time you take legal action to cover medical coverage and bills. 

If you think your kid has been a victim of the baby formula, you can follow the above steps and hire a legal associate. If your kid has developed NEC symptoms due to the consumption of baby formulas, take your first step toward justice by appointing a lawyer today.