Exactech specializes in the manufacturing of joint replacement devices; however, in March 2023, the FDA warned about Exactech’s devices made between 2004 and August 2021. The packaging caused the devices to degrade earlier than expected, and many people with faulty joint replacements required additional surgery. If you have suffered from these devices, you can file a claim, for example, an Exactech knee lawsuit.

Exactech joint replacement devices are used to replace painful, arthritic joints due to osteoarthritis, osteonecrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and loss of normal structure and function in adults. These devices are also used to improve previously failed joint replacement devices with adequate bone and soft tissue are present. All Exactech joint replacement devices contain a plastic component which should be in packaging that contains multiple oxygen barrier layers as indicated in the package specification. 

The FDA recalled these devices, which were packaged in defective bags that were missing one of the oxygen barrier layers that protect the devices from oxidation. This leads to accelerated device wear/failure and component cracking or fracture, all of which require corrective revision surgery.

What´s Exactly an Exactech Lawsuit?

An Exactech Lawsuit is a claim requesting compensation for injuries related to Exactech hip, knee, and ankle replacements. In 2021 and 2022, Exactech issued recalls for hip, knee, and ankle replacements packaged in defective bags. 

These lawsuits are product liability claims seeking compensation for those injured by Exactech’s defective knee, ankle, and hip implants. In August 2022, the company expanded its original recall to include all devices with plastic components packaged in defective bags.

What’s the compensation for the claim?

Some lawyers estimate a potential Exactech lawsuit agreement to be between $100,000 to $300,000. This is a projection based on Exactech knee lawsuit replacement settlements from past lawsuits. A claimant could receive a smaller or larger compensation based on the injuries claimed.

People are filing lawsuits against the company to get compensation for damages related to defective Exactech hip, knee, and ankle implants. They claim the products were faulty, but the company still sold them, making it guilty of negligence, among other claims.

According to the 2022 Urgent Medical Device Correction Letter, the company indicated at least 143,484 potentially defective inserts were implanted in the U.S. These devices could have put tens of thousands of Americans at risk of early failure.

Protect your Rights – What You Can Do 

If you received a recalled Exactech implant and had to have surgery or have been diagnosed with one, you may qualify to file an Exactech lawsuit. You should contact your orthopedic surgeon to verify the implant you received.

If you suffered complications from the following implants, you may qualify for an Exactech lawsuit:

If you have the following symptoms, even if your surgeon hasn’t advised surgery, you may qualify for a lawsuit:

  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Limited mobility
  • Radiographic evidence of osteolysis
  • Loosening because of osteolysis

The criteria for eligibility may vary depending on the year of your initial surgery. You may not be eligible if you’ve had multiple revision surgeries before receiving the Exactech implant.

Revision surgeries

Revision surgeries are additional surgeries doctors perform to correct joint replacement problems. These are recommended when an implant fails or is causing symptoms such as pain, decreased mobility, bone and tissue death or infection.

These surgeries are more difficult to perform than primary joint replacements, and they require planning and special implants. They take longer to perform and may have more complication risks. Some patients require more than one revision surgery.

Your lawyer help you navigate through this process

If you suffered any complications or injuries from an Exactech replacement, schedule an appointment with your doctor even if you received a recalled implant regardless of any current problems. You may not present major issues even if your device is in early degradation.

Exactech offers direct compensation to those affected by recalled implants, but keep in mind that signing any document with the company may prevent you from filing a claim against them. That is why you should contact a Lawyer who will review your case and will give you legal advice on how to proceed with your claim.

Your lawyer can help you in:

  • Reviewing Your Medical Records: They will analyze your medical history to assess the injuries you’ve sustained and determine if they could be linked to the defective Exactech implant.
  • Understanding the Recall: They possess in-depth knowledge about the Exactech recalls, specifically the types of implants affected and the potential complications associated with them.

  • Gathering Evidence: They will assist you in gathering evidence to support your claim, including medical records, implant details, and any documentation related to the surgery.
  • Expert Witnesses: They may involve medical experts to analyze the connection between the implant and your injuries, strengthening your case.
  • Understanding the Legal Process: They can guide you through the legal process, explaining each step and keeping you informed about the progress of your case.

We are more than your legal partner; we are here to support you through the whole process

Your lawyer can also provide you with emotional support and advocate for your rights throughout the process. This is why Confidence and Communication are keys, especially when it comes to handling personally sensitive cases. Having a strong sense of faith in your attorney—that they are representing you to the fullest and that they understand your goals—is a part of the process that you can not take for granted.

Remember, seeking legal advice is crucial to understand your rights and options in this situation. Here at People for Law, our commitment is to help you achieve the compensation you deserve, and we will work tirelessly to make it.