It was somewhere in the 1900s when the beauty industry embraced talcum powder wholeheartedly. Ever since then, talcum powder has been a significant product in American households. So, the lawsuits against talcum powder come as a surprise to the whole world.

The lawsuits claim that Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder has a link with cancer development. So, such a statement from various plaintiffs holds the manufacturer liable for the health risks. So, if you or your loved one has suffered from the consequences of Johnson and Johnson talcum powder, it’s time to file your lawsuit. You can hire a mass tort product liability attorney to build a strong case. 

Latest Reports on Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Lawsuit

In October 2019, the FDA completed one year of research on talc cosmetic products. After several studies, the FDA worked on recalls of J&J products that contained a small percentage of asbestos.

When J&J recalled 33000 bottles of baby powder, the samples contained asbestos. This was reported in 2019. Johnson & Johnson immediately denied liability and reportedly stated that it had not sold any product that had a chance of developing cancer.

By 2020 (April), the manufacturer was accused by thousands of lawsuits allegedly linking its talc products with cancer diagnoses. As a result, the company then announced that it would discontinue its talc-based baby powder in the United States. 

Until July 2022, the manufacturer had around 38,000 cases of talc products. It had also paid $4 billion in settlements, defense expenses, and other expenses. In August 2022, J&J announced that it would replace talc with cornstarch in the global market.

According to the latest reports, more than 53,000 product liability claims have been filed against J&J until March 2024. January 2024 witnessed when J&J announced that it would pay $700 million to their claims in around 42 states.

The Dangers Associated with Talc Powder

Talc-containing products like baby powder have long been effective and safe. After all, it serves as a lubricant and adds shine to the product. 

These products offer excellent benefits, from absorbing excessive moisture to preventing skin irritation. However, despite decades of being safe, studies show the relation of talc products with life-altering diseases like mesothelioma and ovarian cancer. Now, coming to the reason.

Reports claim that asbestos and talc are naturally occurring minerals. Talc products are believed to contain asbestos (a known carcinogen). These minerals are mined together. So, talc used in cosmetic products like makeup and baby powder may contain asbestos, which is linked to serious medical issues, including cancer.

Talc-based products that have asbestos have created liability issues for the manufacturer. Note that only a small percentage of asbestos was found in talc products. Still, there’s a connection between asbestos and talc products. So, any talc product that has detectable asbestos may raise legitimate concerns. 

Types of Talc Lawsuits Filed By People

Using talcum powder may result in ovarian cancer or mesothelioma. Not just that, people have also filed lawsuits against other life-altering diseases. You will qualify for a lawsuit if you or your family members have suffered from these life-threatening issues:

  • Mesothelioma

Note that asbestos exposure might result in mesothelioma. When a person ingests thin asbestos fiber, it travels through their bloodstream and abdomen. The fibers become trapped, resulting in irritation and inflammation. This damages DNA and results in abdominal fluid buildup. 

Thousands of victims have filed lawsuits against talcum powder, developing mesothelioma and other types of cancers. As per reports, you may develop mesothelioma cancer, which affects your lungs. Various claims have surfaced, indicating that mesothelioma could result from excessive usage of talcum powder containing asbestos (even if in traces).

One quick note: Most pleural mesothelioma develops in the lungs and chest cavity lining. It’s known as pleura mesothelioma. It occurs when people breathe in asbestos fibers, which irritate the lungs. Eventually, a malignant growth occurs after several years of usage.

  • Ovarian Cancer

Talc powder can reduce irritation, so people used to apply it to their genital areas earlier. However, using talc powder in the genital area may increase the risk of ovarian cancer by 33%. Women who used it in their private parts may have slowly started developing symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Since J&J failed to provide relevant information on product packaging regarding the containment substance’s presence, an individual can file a case if they have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer after excessive talcum powder use.

  • Respiratory Issues 

The next type of health issue that a person can experience with regular use of talcum powder is respiratory problems. Some respiratory issues may arise from inhaling particles of talc powder. Since airborne talc dust may have a higher risk of developing respiratory issues, a person experiencing symptoms can first get diagnosed. 

After the diagnosis, you can show the reports to your product liability lawyer to file a Johnson and Johnson talcum powder lawsuit. Hazards can occur to workers who inhale talc powder for a prolonged period, not only customers but also workers. This may cause lung damage and other types of diseases. 

If you want to file a talc powder lawsuit, you may need the following records to offer valid evidence of your case:

  • Medical bills 
  • Diagnostic reports
  • Receipts of purchasing the talcum powder products
  • Videos and photos 
  • Witnesses and their written or verbal evidence
  • Other proofs of talcum powder usage

Filing a Talc Baby Powder Lawsuit – How Long Will It Take?

Every state has a unique statute of limitations that determines the time you must file the case from the date of occurrence. Considering the talc baby powder lawsuit cases, the statute in most states is between two and ten years. Most states have a two-year statute.

A family member can also file a lawsuit in case of the wrongful death of the customer resulting from talc powder usage. So, you can hire an attorney to understand how to file the case.