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With years of experience and expertise, Yulric Abercrombie has excelled as a trusted attorney in representing mass tort victims who have incurred economic and non-economic losses due to others’ negligence. His commitment to winning justice against the mass tort victims’ losses has earned him high recognition, many accolades, and awards.

Attorney Yulric Abercrombie

Practice Area – Car Accidents / MVA – Plaintiff, Personal Injury, Slip and Fall Accidents, Commercial Truck Accidents..

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Find Yulric Abercrombie, one of the most acclaimed mass tort attorneys in Florida, at People for Law. The attorney knowledgeably handles mass tort cases, including car accidents, slip-and-falls, commercial truck accidents, accidents on construction sites, workers’ compensation, and personal injury cases.

To date, the attorney has successfully represented numerous clients before the court with sharp legal assistance.

With 20+ years of experience in law, Abercrombie has established himself as a trusted attorney for mass tort victims who have suffered harm due to others’ fault or negligence.

His commitment to securing justice for his clients is written in the history of successfully won mass tort cases and numerous awards that he has received while practicing mass tort and personal injury law.


We are constantly sensitive to the fact that our clients approach us in an hour of distress

They have been very recently injured in an unforeseen event. They need medical attention as well. At a time when they have incurred various kinds of damage, they still have to file for compensation, which can be additionally stressful.

How does our work process commence at People For Law? We see ourselves in a mission to alleviate the accident victim’s situation. We provide them with reassurance, and gather the facts of the event and initiate the process of claiming the best-case compensation possible.

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Mass Tort Action is undertaken at People For Law in order to pursue a civil claim to recover monetary compensation.
Sometimes, a few hundred people may decide to appeal in the same court to seek a legal remedy after suffering similar damage from the same cause. A committee appointed by the court may look at some bellwether cases for indications of the likely outcome and the extent of compensation expected to be awarded. This information can help a group of complainants to decide their own action – whether to settle or press their case further. A large beneficiary pool is thereby aided by our legal expertise.