How to File a NuVasive Magec System Lawsuit?

NuVasive developed the NuVasive Magec System to help straighten the spine of children with early signs of scoliosis.

he system worked using magnetic rods and an external remote controller designed to make adjustments to these rods. Unfortunately, many of those systems showed issues when implanted. The endcaps on these rods failed and caused damage to the surrounding tissue. The damages included metal contamination, pain, and increased risk of infection. Many of these cases required revision surgery to repair.

Scoliosis is a progressive condition in which the sideways curvature of the spine becomes more prominent with time. Prevention using medical implants is the only way to correct such symptoms. However, the implants should be tested, safe, and of high quality so that they do not cause any further damage. Any discrepancies with the implants or any negligence on the part of the manufacturer is not acceptable.

If you or any of your loved one is suffering or has suffered from defective NuVasive MAGEC implants, you can file a lawsuit and claim compensation for the damages incurred. Owing to the complexities of the case, you need an experienced and skilled lawyer. People For Law, with its experienced team of Nuvasive Magec Lawyers, stands strong and bold in providing justice to the sufferers and assisting them in receiving fair compensation. Our lawyers have previous experience in handling NuVasive MAGEC lawsuits, and you can safely hand over all the tasks associated with this lawsuit. We will fight aggressively for you to help you receive any financial assistance you are entitled to.

Which MAGEC Devices Have Been Recalled?

The FDA reported that in February 2020, NuVasive issued a recall of various spinal implants. These devices showed biocompatibility issues, due to which the company also put a shipping hold on these products in April of 2021.

The NuVasive products recalled include the following:

  • MAGEC Spinal Bracing and Distraction System
  • MAGEC System
  • MAGEC System Model X device
  • MAGEC 2 Spinal Bracing and Distraction System
  • MAGEC System Rods
  • MAGEC System Model X rod

The endcap separation of these devices can cause pain to your child, cost you revision surgery, and interrupt school time and daily life activities and enjoyment. Any negligence cannot be accepted when it comes to implants. And filing a Nuvasive Magec Lawsuit is your best way to receive compensation and financial assistance for your damages.

 Complications Arising from MAGEC Rods

The main issue with the MAGEC rods is endcap separation, which can corrode these rods. A 4-year follow-up study on early onset of scoliosis who were implanted with these rods showed that 75% of patients required revision surgery to correct the symptoms arising from these defective rods.

The clinical impact of NuVasive MAGEC implants may include:

  • Quick degradation of implant components, which means they will no longer function properly.
  • Toxic titanium alloy debris may get released into surrounding tissue, which may cause metal poisoning or metallosis.
  • Fracture, corrosion, or migration of the metallic implants.

These complications can cause pain and discomfort. Additionally, they also jeopardize the health of individuals who are already dealing with a delicate spine. If you or your child were injured by defective MAGEC rods, you may be able to hold them legally and recover financial damages for the health hazards incurred.

Which Damages Can Be Recovered from NuVasive MAGEC Lawsuit?

A successful verdict can help you recover several costs, including:

  • Medical bills for pain management, further surgery, or any other issue caused by a damaged MAGEC device implant.
  • Lost wages for the patient or caregivers, such as sick and vacation time missed for recovery, missed advancement opportunities, or unemployment due to complications incurred.
  • Pain and suffering, including both physical and psychological pain.

Do I Qualify to File a Lawsuit?

How do you determine if you qualify to file a NuVasive MAGEC lawsuit? These are the criteria:

  • You received any of the recalled implants
  • You have received the implant on or after September 1, 2014.
  • You received the implant before the age of 10 and suffered damages later.
  • If you or your child have suffered from a MAGEC system implant and qualify to file a lawsuit according to the above criteria, you will do well if you file a NuVasive MAGEC lawsuit.