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We can get the judgment in your favor. Attorneys with fair experience and expertise at People for Law address your legal needs with sharp assistance and genuine concern. Mass tort is our core area of focus amongst others.

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Claim your due injury compensation | People For Law help you recover.

If you’ve had an injury in Florida due to a motor vehicle accident or negligence of safety norms, you can claim compensation for various damages incurred – loss of wages, diminished quality of life, medical expenses, and more. Don’t let a surety/insurance adjuster talk you into accepting less. While you focus on restoring your health, we’ll handle your negotiations/litigation.

The Background

People For Law has a unique organizational ethos. One of our main focus areas is mass tort litigation. We aim to accomplish a favorable award that benefits a large number of affected persons, and we follow a rigorous methodology towards that end. Our approach involves identifying potential plaintiffs who are more likely to receive compensation and then working closely with medical and nursing experts to examine the medical aspects of the case thoroughly. We also compile all relevant records, including insurance documents, medical reports, vehicle details, and driving records. All these stages pave the way toward success in litigation.

Our commitment

As a legal firm oriented towards mass tort practice, we are proficient in various types of road accident cases – bicycle, car, and van— and also workplace accidents, damages due to corporate/civic negligence or defective products, and similar causes that inflict unjust damage on a customer, user or citizen. We formulate well-founded compensation claims with a view to negotiate strongly and obtain favorable awards, much superior to the settlements commonly offered by an insurer/surety team.

Know About Our Practice Areas

Personal Injury

Caught you by surprise. It’s damaging, but who is liable, and to what extent? Ask us for answers.

Truck Accidents

Sizeable damage is caused when a truck is involved. What factors determine how much compensation you can be awarded? Ask us for answers.

Mass Tort

Our primary specialization – a larger pool of beneficiaries stands to gain when there’s an outcome of a mass tort with hundreds of plaintiffs. Learn more by consulting our mass tort attorneys.

Slip And Fall

Often, it’s a crumbly curb or a piece of civic infrastructure – a section of road, that causes injuries to a user because of the poor shape it’s in. Negligent maintenance could be the cause, and you may be eligible for compensation. Consult with us for more information.

Bicycle Accidents

Legal regulations addressing collisions involving bicycles, determining liability, seeking damages for injuries, and ensuring safety standards for cyclists and drivers. 

Car Accidents

Managing of collisions involving vehicles, determining fault, and seeking compensation for injuries and damages incurred by involved parties.

Injured Pedestrian

Laws addressing accidents where pedestrians are harmed due to negligence, involving liability, compensation, and pursuing damages for injuries

Attorney Yulric Abercrombie

Practice Area – Car Accidents / MVA – Plaintiff, Personal Injury, Slip and Fall Accidents, Commercial Truck Accidents..

Our Attorney

Find Yulric Abercrombie, one of the most acclaimed mass tort attorneys in Florida, at People for Law. The attorney knowledgeably handles mass tort cases, including car accidents, slip-and-falls, commercial truck accidents, accidents on construction sites, workers’ compensation, and personal injury cases.

To date, the attorney has successfully represented numerous clients before the court with sharp legal assistance.

With 20+ years of experience in law, Abercrombie has established himself as a trusted attorney for mass tort victims who have suffered harm due to others’ fault or negligence.

His commitment to securing justice for his clients is written in the history of successfully won mass tort cases and numerous awards that he has received while practicing mass tort and personal injury law.

Why Choose us

If you’re in Florida and need a personal injury attorney, choose People For Law. The skilled attorneys focus on personal injury cases, providing tailored client support. Our ability to achieve justice for accident victims speaks volumes about our commitment to them. The experienced and success-driven attorneys deliver excellent client care. We prioritize building strong relationships with clients based on trust and open communication. Our Attorneys are the best.


Years Experience

Our extensive experience and expertise in this field guarantee top-notch legal representation.


Track Record of Success

People For Law has a strong history of helping clients during negotiations or trials.


Unfaltering Dedication to Our clients

What makes People For Law special is our commitment to making clients happy and providing personalized service.

News and Insights

Our Attorneys Stand for Your Rights!

Embracing challenge

People for Law Group embraces complex legal challenges and brings the clients the best result possible. We provide injured victims with aggressive legal representation during the trial with the backup of solid resources and documents.

Specialty in Mass Tort

Last but not least, mass tort cases are what we specialize in. Our attorneys at People for Law fight for the clients against mass tort cases and win the highest compensation against the victims’ losses, even if it takes years. Our dedication and devotion speak for us.

Genuine Concern for Clients

Our team of attorneys treats all our clients with respect and dignity and values their existence as the top-most priority, irrespective of socioeconomic status and background. Our clients’ existing legal problems matter to us the most.

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