How Can You Sue Your Lawyer for Malpractice

People For Law stands for everyone boldly and confidently, be it against a large organization or a lawyer you might have hired who didn’t follow the ethical norms and conducted malpractice.

Legal malpractice happens when you hire a lawyer, and they do not follow the standards they are supposed to, which results in you getting negatively affected.

If you or your loved ones are in such a situation, People For Law has the perfect solution. Our legal malpractice attorneys have the experience and skills required to bring justice to our clients. All our Legal Malpractice Lawyers abide by the duty to follow ethical standards and legal rules.

Legal malpractice can happen in almost all cases, such as car accident claims, truck accident claims, or any other claims.

Dealing with legal malpractice requires you to seek help from experienced and aggressive legal malpractice attorneys in Florida. That’s because suing a lawyer is no easy task. Since lawyers are experienced in law and its practice, they will usually fight back hard to defend themselves if accused. People For Law stands with you in such cases to fight hard and aggressively against lawyers whose malpractice resulted in negative consequences for you.

Common Examples of Legal Malpractice

Legal malpractice can take different shapes and involve many different types of misconduct. These can be examples of the basis of a legal malpractice suit: 

Substance abuse: You can sue a lawyer in a legal malpractice case if he shows up in court or meets with you while drunk. 

Lack of zeal: Every lawyer has the duty to represent and fight for their clients zealously and to the best of their abilities. If they do not do so or do not take your case seriously, you may have a legal malpractice claim. 

Lying: Any act of lying or deception connected to your case could lead to a medical malpractice claim. 

Obtaining evidence illegally: This involves using illegal methods such as stealing, hacking, or breaking into counsel’s office to obtain evidence. 

Breach of confidentiality: You are bound by an attorney-client privilege once you form a formal relationship with your attorney. This means all and every type of communication between you and your attorney must be kept a secret. If they fail to do so, you have a strong legal malpractice case against them. For example, your lawyer cannot share the details of your case on their or any other social media accounts.

There are many other instances that could lead to legal malpractice claims. If you are not sure if you can sue your lawyer, connect with the experienced legal malpractice attorneys from People For Law to determine if you have a claim. Take caution not to discuss these matters with your existing lawyer as they may eventually be the opposition in your legal malpractice suit.

Four Elements that You Need to Prove in a Legal Malpractice Case

In a legal malpractice case, it’s simply not enough to say that your lawyer did not put in the effort. You have to prove certain points to make a legal malpractice claim.

You need to show:

  • The attorney owed you a duty
  • The attorney breached their duty
  • The breach caused you losses
  • The losses are real and measurable

You need to prove these four points to establish your legal malpractice case. Proving the first point is usually the easiest because every licensed lawyer owes a legal duty to you. Proving negligence can be difficult because you need to show that you might have won the case if your lawyer had followed the rules.

Which Damages are Covered in a Legal Malpractice Claim?

Legal malpractice case damages can cover a range of losses caused by an attorney’s negligence. While they may vary from case to case, they generally cover:
  • Financial losses due to malpractice (i.e., what you would have recovered if you had won the case)
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of wages (for instance, from missing work due to trial)

For cases where the lawyer showed extreme negligence or reckless behavior, the court may order punitive damages to be issued. This is to punish the defendant for their wrongdoings and prevent them from such actions in the future. An example may be if a lawyer sabotages their own case to get them out of representation.

The legal malpractice attorneys from People For Law stand for you in all such cases to fight for you aggressively and with complete dedication so you get your rights covered and get the compensation you deserve.