Suing a Nursing Home for Negligence

Assisted living has become common as the population ages and lives longer than ever. Many great facilities provide excellent care and support to older adults, but unfortunately, nursing home negligence is too common in Florida to be not taken seriously.

Currently, over 2.5 million older adults are living in nursing homes. The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform reported some unfortunate facts.10% of nursing homes were accused of severe elder abuse that resulted in death or serious injury. And 33% of long-term care facilities were cited for abuse and neglect.

These are just some quick facts to show that elder abuse is real. Some nursing homes, unfortunately, put profits over care.

If you suspect that your loved ones are facing abuse in a nursing home or other care facility, People For Law is there to assist you. Our nursing home negligence lawyers have years of experience in assisting our elderly in receiving the care and compensation they deserve. We make sure they receive the most fair compensation, and we believe in fighting for what is right.

What is Nursing Home Negligence?

Nursing home negligence is abuse caused by negligence or lack of support to elderly ones in an assisted care facility. As we grow older, our bones weaken, we can develop bedsores if left in the same position for long hours, and we have more trouble moving.

In nursing homes, our elderly are largely dependent on the care and compassion of doctors and staff members. When they fail to deliver the standard of care required for our loved ones, especially the elderly, the outcome can be catastrophic.

Parameters that Define Negligence in a Nursing Home

Nursing home negligence can be challenging to find out. An occasional bedsore or bruise cannot be considered negligence on the part of the home.

Nursing home negligence can take several forms, including: 

Medical Neglect

  • Inability to provide proper medical care for existing issues
  • Failure to move immobile or partially immobile patients
  • Failure to report signs of infections and illness to the proper medical staff. 

Neglect of Basic Needs

  • Failure to provide safe drinking water or food
  • Unclean bedroom and common areas 

Emotional Neglect

  • Isolating elderly residents
  • Not providing mobility aids, including canes, wheelchairs, etc. 

Neglect of Personal Hygiene

  • Not grooming the residents, including brushing their teeth and keeping them clean
  • Not changing the outfits of the residents regularly
  • Failure to regularly check on residents

Damages that Can be Secured in a Nursing Home Negligence Case

If you suspect your loved ones have faced negligence or abuse by a nursing home staff member or volunteer, People For Law has the experience, expertise, and dedication to secure the damages you and your family deserve, including:

  • Full medical expenses
  • Damages due to pain and suffering
  • Possible punitive damages
  • Relocation expenses
  • Damages due to loss of enjoyment of life

Our pool of Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys has the resources and knowledge of the complexities of nursing home negligence law necessary to prove your case.

Can You Issue a Case Against a Nursing Home for Neglect?

Yes, you can sue a nursing home or care home for neglect. Our talented team of nursing home negligence lawyers has the necessary experience to help you protect your loved elderly ones and get the compensation you deserve.

Be it rest homes, nursing homes, assisted living centers, long-term care facilities, or convalescent homes, you have to follow a procedure to make your case strong and plausible.

If your elderly loved one has suffered negligence, report it immediately to the nursing home staff. If the situation remains the same, you can report the issue to the administration. It is important to create these papers showing that you informed the nursing home of the negligence. This will strengthen your Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit in establishing negligence. If the abuse continues, the next step is to file a police report.

The next step is to get your loved one evaluated by a doctor outside the facility. You need detailed medical records to prepare a nursing home negligence case and show the extent of the neglect.

People For Law has the experience and skills to navigate through the complexities of nursing home negligence laws and establish your case firmly. Our nursing home negligence lawyers will fight your case with dedication and make sure you get the protection and compensation you deserve