Carrying a fetus for several months inside the womb involves a lot of struggles and challenges. New mothers have to sacrifice several things in life to keep up with their little bundle of joy’s health. Amidst the challenges a mother accepts and the struggles she undergoes, the early days of the newborn are the most crucial times.


That’s the time when the mother has to supervise her baby’s food habits and sleep patterns. For an underweight infant or prematurely born newborn, scenarios are far more complex. Their parents have to rely on baby formulas that ensure they receive the required nourishment.


However, recent reports and lawsuits shed light on Enfamil and Similac formulas that may increase the risks of developing NEC in infants. If your baby has developed NEC or necrotizing enterocolitis from Enfamil or Similac, you can hire an NEC lawyer for a personal injury lawsuit.


You might be eligible to get medical benefits and costs for other damages. Complaints against the makers Mead Johnson & Company and Abbot Laboratories indicate there are risks associated with these products. Welcome to this comprehensive post where you can discover more about NEC lawsuits and how an attorney helps you get deserving compensation.


Most Current Updates on NEC Litigation


The very first lawsuit was filed in November 2021 against Abbot Laboratories. Parents of a baby girl filed the case two days after their newly born baby girl passed away. The plaintiffs claimed that their daughter’s death resulted from the consumption of this formula.


The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation in April 2022 further issued the order transferring these cases to Illinois’ Northern District. As of now, over four dozen (approximately 50) NEC lawsuits that were filed in Washington are currently pending.


A Brief on NEC Lawsuit


According to pediatricians, babies who are prematurely born or are underweight should consume infant formulas to ensure proper development. Formula manufacturers such as Similac and Enfamil offer high-calorie cow-based milk products that can assist premature babies. If you check the labels of these products, there are no warnings or instructions mentioned regarding the risks. Many NICUs and hospitals have used these products to feed infants alongside breastfeeding.


However, reports suggest that whenever an infant consumes the milk-based formula, their risks of developing NEC get higher. Here’s what NEC means:


Necrotizing enterocolitis is a fatal condition made for infants with low birth weight or premature infants. NEC is a form of inflammation that affects the baby’s intestinal lining, leading to holes or perforations. Moreover, bacterial growth contributes to a leak in the abdominal cavity, which causes severe infection. In the worst cases, an infant may experience organ failure or fatal death. Babies with the following conditions are most likely to develop this condition:


● Babies born before the 37th week of gestation
● Infants with underweight issues (below 5-1/2 lbs)
● Infants consumed via a tube into their stomach


If your infant had to undergo surgery due to NEC, it’s time you hire a lawyer for the NEC baby formula lawsuit.


Top Symptoms of NEC: Here’s How You Can Suspect the Condition in Your Infant


NEC appears between two and six weeks after birth. It may develop rapidly, even in infants who look healthy. The following are the signs of NEC:


⮚ Fever
⮚ Increased heart rate
⮚ Increased blood pressure
⮚ Abdominal pain or swelling
⮚ Fever
⮚ Diarrhea and blood
⮚ Vomiting bile


If your infant has been diagnosed with NEC at an early stage, NEC can be treated. The doctor may recommend bowel rest and the use of an intravenous feeding tube till the time the intestine completely recovers. If there is perforation, your infant may need emergency treatment, where surgery can also be included.


Mass Litigation in Case of NEC Cases: Why Should You Appoint a Mass Tort Solicitor for the Case?

Both mass litigation and class action involve multiple plaintiffs claiming the same defendant. However, class action is one single lawsuit with different plaintiffs, while mass tort comprises various lawsuits. If you want to file for the case with various lawsuits, you must appoint a mass tort lawyer. Here’s how a mass tort solicitor represents your case professionally to help you achieve deserving compensation.


⮚ Legal Understanding


Mass tort legal associates can handle the case with an understanding of NEC. They can present legal arguments more confidently as they initially research the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options for NEC.


⮚ Negotiates Wisely


Negotiation is an important consideration in mass tort cases where everything is involved, from pharmaceutical companies to healthcare experts. These skilled solicitors can negotiate and ask for fair settlements.


With their expertise and understanding, a mass tort attorney can walk the extra mile in handling the case more professionally and fight for justice.