Food habits play a crucial role in helping a child grow. When a baby is born premature or underweight, they need more care to ensure healthy living. Formulas have helped these babies with the nutrients that they need for growing. Over the years, these formulas have been used for keeping these babies healthy until November 2021.

What’s All the Rage Against Baby Formulas?

In November 2021, the first NEC lawsuit against Abbot Laboratories came forth. It was due to the wrongful death of a child who was two days old. The death was due to the consumption of baby formula (cow cow-milk formula), which had life-altering impacts.

More such lawsuits were filed against the manufacturers of Similac (Abbott Laboratories) and Enfamil (Mead Johnson). Until 2024, 342 active baby formula NEC lawsuits have been pending in Illinois under U.S. District Judge Rebecca R. Pallmeyer. There haven’t been any jury verdicts or global settlements in the MDL number 3026.

Understanding the Connection between Baby Formula and NEC

Underweight newborns or premature infants are fed Similac and Enfamil baby formulas. These are the cow milk formulas that can cause intestinal infection or NEC. Studies indicate that the bovine milk-based infant formulas may result in NEC in preterm infants.

Chronic conditions may result in fatal death. Thus, parents of infants who have suffered from intestinal infection due to Enfamil or Similac can consult an NEC lawyer. The very first NEC lawsuit was against Similac (Abbot Laboratories) in Connecticut. The baby formula resulted in a wrongful death of a girl who was just two days old.

Parents of infants may file for NEC baby formula as soon as the baby encounters NEC. Babies need to consume Similac and Enfamil in the hospital. So, if your baby has developed NEC, you can contact a solicitor for legal support. The solicitor might ask to check the formula packaging, medical records and other details. A reputed and trustworthy legal advisor always encourages caregivers and parents to keep these medical records to increase as legal evidence.

NEC and Its Impacts on an Infant’s Life

Now, coming to NEC, necrotizing enterocolitis is a life-altering gastrointestinal ailment. It might result in bowel inflammation in newborns. Doctors need a wide range of staging methods to diagnose the condition. NEC includes a bacterium invading one portion of the gastrointestinal tract that causes cellular damage. More chronic conditions may cause death of the intestine or colon. NEC has been quite common among premature infants during the 2nd or 3rd week of life. It’s a significant cause of gastrointestinal admissions in the NICU.

Different Stages of NEC and Their Symptoms

Has your baby or your close one’s infant been diagnosed with NEC due to baby formula consumption? The condition may become more severe during the latter stages:

Stage 1

It’s the most suspected NEC where the symptoms suggest an onset gastrointestinal ailment. It might include the following symptoms:

  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Bloody stools
  • Slower heart rate
  • Mild abdominal bloating
  • Unstable temperature

Stage 2

The next stage is a confirmed NEC, where symptoms become more severe when compared to the first stage:

  • Lack of bowel sounds
  • Tenderness or pain in the abdomen
  • Low or no movement in the intestinal
  • The presence of gas-filled spaces in intestinal walls

Stage 3

In the third or advanced NEC, it includes stage 1 and 2 indicators alongside the following symptoms:

  • Low BP
  • Low WBC count
  • Formation of blood clots
  • Abdominal tissues get inflamed
  • Fluid buildup or gas in the abdominal cavity

Criteria and Eligibility for NEC Lawsuits

A candidate who wishes to qualify for the NEC formula lawsuit must meet the eligibility requirements, as mentioned in the following –

  • The child was formula-fed
  • The child has developed NEC due to the consumption of baby formula
  • A parent of a child diagnosed with NEC

In short, babies born before the thirty-seventh week of gestation may encounter NEC as they are supplemented with baby formula. Infants with underweight issues below 5-1/2 lbs may also develop NEC. You also need to prove that you are the parent of the premature infant who got Enfamil or Similac formula products.

Appointing a Lawyer for NEC Baby Formula Lawsuit

Fighting for the rights of your baby, who was diagnosed with NEC, is quite devastating. So, if you want to file the NEC baby formula lawsuit for financial compensation, you need to appoint a reputed attorney for mass tort cases.

  • Ask for free case reviews to understand the lawyer’s experience
  • Ask about your expectations
  • Ensure that the law firm gives your case the attention it deserves
  • Must have a successful track record

You deserve a solicitor who understands everything about your baby formula case. At the same time, the attorney should treat your case with the kind of sensitivity and urgency it deserves. So, book an appointment with a legal practitioner today and ensure justice.